Prevent Morphine Use with an Engraved Medical ID

When you are seriously injured or incapacitated, a medical professional may administer morphine to alleviate your suffering. However, if you are allergic to morphine, this action could be harmful — or even deadly. Keep yourself safe even in the event of an emergency with an engraved medical ID from Universal Medical Data. Our engraved medical ID bracelets, dog tags, and key chains alert medical professionals to your allergy. EMTs, nurses, and doctors know to quickly check for these IDs before administering any care that may be unwelcome. Even when you cannot speak for yourself, an ID can speak for you. A wide range of medical information bracelet designs is available to suit your needs. Each style conforms to industry medical alert standards to make it as noticeable and understandable as possible. Shop our selection today to find the right solution for you or your child. We offer designs for men, women, and children. Contact us to learn more about our Allergic to Morphine medical IDs. We ship to clients throughout the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

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