Peanut Allergy Medical ID Bracelets

Common in everything from home recipes to restaurant dishes, peanuts are a seemingly ever-present part of the average American diet. They can also crop up in unexpected places and ingredients or enhancers for a wide range of products. That ubiquitous presence makes them dangerous for those living with peanut allergies, and it’s the reason why our medical ID bracelets can make a life-saving difference. At Universal Medical Data, we offer a range of products that are:
  • Comfortable Enough for Everyday Wear
  • Stylish Enough to Add to Any Outfit
  • Visible Enough to Stand Out to First Responders
From classic bracelet chains or bands to durable medical ID dog tags, we provide the protection you need to alert others in an emergency. You can’t always anticipate when you might encounter peanuts, but you can always be prepared and give responders the information they need to apply effective treatment. Live safer with a bracelet or necklace in your preferred style. Contact us today for more information on our bracelets, dog tags, and other products. We proudly serve customers nationwide.

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