Alzheimer’s Bracelets for More Peace of Mind

Alzheimer’s disease has a serious impact on an individual’s ability to remember crucial information, such as their address or who to contact in an emergency. Furthermore, it can cause disorientation, making these people at high risk of getting lost and getting into accidents. Our Alzheimer’s bracelets and dog tags are a great way to give yourself more peace of mind and keep your aging family members safe. They alert medical professionals and strangers to your loved one’s condition so they can better help them. Several different styles are available to suit your family member’s needs. We offer straightforward dog tags that can be engraved to include vital details if desired. Our store also sells numerous medical information bracelet designs, including fashionable stainless steel options. All items come with an emergency medical card with a protective sleeve. This card includes all the important information medical professionals need to know about your family member, including relevant health information and the best way to reach you in an emergency. Contact us for additional information on our Alzheimer’s dog tags and bracelets. We ship to customers throughout the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

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