Alert Others with Our Epilepsy Medical ID Bracelets

Epilepsy can be a highly unpredictable condition. While you can take measures to avoid provoking seizures, there are rarely any guarantees. Furthermore, a seizure can happen any time, including while you are alone in public. Well-meaning strangers may call emergency services, resulting in an unnecessary and expensive ambulance ride. Reduce the risk by wearing an epilepsy medical ID bracelet or dog tag from Universal Medical Data. These accessories alert others to your condition as well as lets you provide specific instructions that may enable a good Samaritan to react quickly to best to help you. The styles range from highly visible to more subtle, depending on your preferences. But all of them communicate your epileptic status clearly, even when you’re incapable of communication. In addition, your medical ID dog tag or bracelet purchase comes with a free Emergency Medical Card with a clearly labeled protective sleeve. This card allows you to expand on your medical history and even leave notes to any strangers or emergency personnel who might encounter you during a seizure.

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