Engraved Medical ID Bracelets for Heart Bypass Patients

Heart surgery saves lives. However, it also has medical consequences for the future that you must consider. Make sure emergency personnel know about your surgical history by wearing one of our engraved medical ID bracelets for heart bypass patients. Universal Medical Data offers a number of designs to suit your needs, ranging from high visibility to subtle style. Cardiac patients often need special care in medical emergencies. For example, if you have metal sternal wire sutures from your bypass surgery, the medical team needs to be aware that they will interfere with MRI imaging. Likewise, if you are managing your condition with blood thinners, emergency responders need to be extra cautious of blood loss. With a medical ID dog tag necklace or bracelet, you can quickly communicate your status as a cardiac patient even when you’re incapacitated. Furthermore, all of our designs come with a special Emergency Medical Card where you can elaborate on your history and any special needs.

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