Stay Safe from MRIs with an Emergency Bracelet

MRIs are an important part of diagnosing many conditions, but they can also prove dangerous -- and even deadly-- for many individuals. In an emergency, it’s easy to overlook details or miss out on this critical piece of information, and patients may not be able to communicate it themselves. From car accidents to unforeseen illnesses, the best way to keep yourself safe when MRIs pose a risk to your health is to invest in an emergency bracelet. Simple but effective, Universal Medical Data’s “No MRI” accessories make sure that doctors know to use an alternative option if you find yourself incapacitated and in need of treatment. Choose from a wide range of colors and styles to find the right fit for you, or give a life-saving gift to a loved one.

Made with You in Mind

Our bracelets are more than a last line of defense against improper treatment. We believe that each product we sell should also appeal to our customers on a personal level. That’s why we work hard to deliver designer quality and plenty of options from which to choose. From sleek and simple to bold and eye-catching, our accessories support your safety and style, making them some of the best medical ID bracelets on the market.

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