Protect Yourself with a Warfarin Medical Information Bracelet

Warfarin is one of the most commonly prescribed blood thinners. While it’s sometimes prescribed for only a certain period, other patients must take it indefinitely. If you’re one of them, you should wear a medical information bracelet to increase your safety in the event of an emergency. Universal Medical Data, LLC, is proud to offer a diverse array of medical alert accessories to suit your needs.

Why You Should Wear a Warfarin Medical Alert

As a blood thinner, warfarin helps prevent blood clots from forming, keeping your circulation running smoothly. While this is great when you have an irregular heartbeat, heart valve problems, or recurrent blood clots, it can also put you at serious risk during emergencies. Your blood won’t clot normally, making you more likely to suffer serious blood loss from an external wound. Furthermore, you’re at an increased risk of internal bleeding. By wearing a Warfarin medical ID, you can alert emergency responders to your condition even if you’re unable to communicate. They can better diagnose and treat you on the scene when they are aware of your medication status, increasing your likelihood of a swift recovery.

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