Getting Your Child with Allergies Ready to Start School

children running into school with backpacks on

If your child has a severe allergy, or allergies, it might feel a bit stressful when the new school year starts. The key to ensuring your child gets off to a good start at school is to make sure that they and their new teachers and school staff know what to do if and when an attack happens. There are many steps you can take to make this process easier, including purchasing personalized medical ID bracelets.

As mentioned above, the best defense against potential allergens is to make sure everyone is informed about your child’s allergies beforehand. This allows the staff and other children’s parents to properly prepare and reduce the risk of your child accidently coming into contact with whatever it is that triggers their allergic reactions. Make sure you inform:

Teachers & School Administrators – Make sure the school staff understands the severity of your child’s allergy. It isn’t a bad idea to also provide a doctor’s note so that there is no mistaking the authenticity of the allergy.

School Caterers & Cooks – While there is no legal obligation for school caterers or cooks to prepare meals for children with food allergies, if they are properly informed many are willing to provide options for these students.

Other Parents – If it is possible to discuss the allergens with other parents, then it is a good idea to do so. This helps them know to avoid letting their own children bring in foods that could trigger a negative reaction in your child.

Your Child – Make sure you sit down and explain to your child which allergens cause which reactions as well as how he or she will be able to know if they have been exposed to them. Knowing the dangers can help your child better understand why it is important for them to avoid their trigger foods.