How an Alzheimer’s Medical ID Can Keep Your Loved One Safe

younger person holding hands with a senior woman

It is all too common for people with Alzheimer’s disease to get lost or wander away. Due to memory loss and impaired cognition, it’s easy for someone with Alzheimer’s to get disoriented while going from one place to another, even on the most familiar routes. Likewise, they may wander away from home because they don’t recognize it or believe they are needed elsewhere.

You can’t supervise your loved one every minute of the day. But you can boost their safety with Alzheimer’s bracelets. These accessories are designed to alerts others about your family member’s condition, even when they are unable to communicate. Likewise, you can include your contact information so you and your loved one can be reunited.

Imagine what might happen if the police stopped your loved one because they were behaving strangely. A medical alert bracelet makes their condition known so the police can better help them. Likewise, if your family member has a medical emergency and gets taken to the hospital alone, an Alzheimer’s bracelet gives the medical team a more accurate picture of your loved one’s health. Giving your family member a bracelet to wear is a simple thing to do, but it could save their life one day.