How to Convince Your Child to Wear their Medical ID

mother talking to daughter

No matter where you go, children are the same in many ways. As they grow, they don’t want to be singled out as different. They want to be like all their peers. It’s natural, and you can’t blame them.

However, there are instances when some children have an issue that sets them apart. We’re speaking of medical conditions that first responders and medical staff need to be aware of when providing treatment. In those cases, children’s medical ID bracelets are very effective and powerful tools for providing information about the condition. They will quickly draw attention to something like a medication allergy, for example.

These children’s medical ID bracelets are only effective, though, when they are worn. So, the question is, how do you get a child to wear one when they don’t want to appear different?

One of the main steps we suggest at Universal Medical Data is simply allowing the child to pick the style and color they like. In that way, they get a piece of jewelry they want and will wear. Make sure you order the correct size as well. A bracelet that’s too small can’t be worn, and one that’s too big will either not be worn because it’s uncomfortable or fall off. In addition to picking a fun design and the proper size, another effective step is discussing with your child just how important it is to wear the ID bracelet at all times. Do your best to stress this vital message without scaring the child.