How to Prepare Your Child for Summer Camp

Child eating marshmallows at camp

Sending kids off to summer camp can be hard for any parent, but that is even truer when a child has allergies or medical conditions. Fortunately, there are ways to prepare. Children’s medical ID bracelets like those from Universal Medical Data are an excellent place to start. Kids who wear these alert both their counselors and any paramedics treating them to their condition, which can be lifesaving in some cases.

These bracelets ensure that even if your child is unable to speak, the adults around them can still be aware of their allergy. That is sure to make parents feel better when paring with their little one for the summer.

Other Ways to Prepare

Communicating ahead of time is often the most effective strategy. Try meeting with your child’s allergist ahead of time to talk about a treatment plan and ensure that is enough medication to last the duration of the camp. This is also an excellent time to speak to your child about staying safe and knowing what foods to avoid.

Finally, let the camp know and ask if the staff are trained to recognize any symptoms or use injectors when necessary. They should have a list of your emergency contacts, allergenic foods, and the treatments for each. These preparations, coupled with children’s medical ID bracelets, are your child’s best defense against allergy attacks when they are away from home. Send your kids off to camp with peace of mind by giving them children’s medical ID bracelets. Universal Medical Data offers small tools that can be lifesaving in an allergy attack.