Information to Include on Your Medical ID

electronic medical record on a tablet

Short and sweet. That needs to be the character of the message on any personalized medical ID bracelets you wear.

There isn’t a lot of real estate to work with on a bracelet. It is a piece of jewelry meant to be worn after all — not some large plaque or card — so space is at a premium. That means you have to take care and make the best use of the limited space as possible.

Since its main purpose is to speak for you when you can’t, you need to have vital information on it. In some cases, what it says about you can spell the difference between life and death. At Universal Medical Data,we’ve written this post to provide helpful advice.

For starters, make sure to include your medical condition, such as diabetes or heart disease. Add any allergies you have and medication you are taking. Get your name on there and emergency contact information. Make sure everything is spelled correctly — especially the names of medication — to prevent mistakes in treatment.

Personalized medical ID bracelets can also alert medical first responders and staff to the presence of an emergency medical information wallet card, too. Having the words “See wallet card” engraved on the bracelet make emergency personnel aware of its presence so they can gather more detailed information from it.

Taking the time to include the pertinent information you need on your bracelet could make all the difference in the world to you someday. Universal Medical Data provides more lines of engraving than other medical ID providers, so you can be sure you get the correct message across.