Living with Epilepsy

Pre-engraved dog tag for epilepsyWhen you are diagnosed with epilepsy, you will need to learn how to cope with your condition, obtain a stable support system, and make your environment as safe as possible for the best quality of life. One of the first things you should do is purchase a medical ID dog tag necklace or bracelet from Universal Medical Data to display your condition for emergency personnel.

How to Cope with Epilepsy

Understanding and managing your condition can be difficult, especially if symptoms are still new to you. The diagnosis can be devastating, as it requires many different life changes to ensure you are not exposed to triggers. Though there will be some bumps in the roads, working with your doctor and family to fully understand epilepsy and your new lifestyle will help reduce the risk of seizures and complications.

Social Support

Since many who are diagnosed with epilepsy often develop depression and anxiety, it is essential to have a reliable social support system. Your friends and family will all be there for you to rely on and will help you through every bump in your road to managing your condition. Having a doctor you feel comfortable with is also a great help, as you may frequently be visiting with questions and concerns.

Create a Safe Environment

Once you have a better understanding of your condition and what triggers your seizures, you want to work towards making your home life as safe as possible. You will want to reduce screen time, especially if flashing lights trigger your seizures, and ensure you get enough sleep every night, so your brain is well rested.