How to Prepare Your Child for School with an Allergy

Child getting onto the school busWhen it comes to your back-to-school list, having children with allergies can add some additional items. Ensuring that your child is safe during the school year is essential, whether they have seasonal allergies or food sensitivities. Below are just a few ways to help prepare yourself and your child for the year ahead.

Meet with an Allergist

One thing you can do before the school year begins is to schedule a meeting with an allergist. During this meeting, you can review your child’s allergies thus far and determine whether their treatment plan needs to be adjusted for the upcoming year. An allergist will also ensure your child is on the correct medication, if necessary, and even provide the proper Epipen if the allergies are severe.

Keep the School Informed

Another way to keep your child’s allergies manageable is to ensure their school is appropriately informed. Provide informative documentation for your school outlining your child’s condition, along with proper paperwork and emergency contacts should anything happen. Keeping the staff responsible for your child educated on their allergies will provide quicker action in the event of an emergency.

Purchase a Medical ID

You should purchase an engraved medical ID bracelet or necklace for your child to wear that clearly states their allergies. In the event of an emergency, an ID bracelet will ensure the first responders and school staff can determine the cause right away. Whether your child accidentally ate peanuts or their seasonal allergies got out of hand, a medical ID bracelet can help anyone identify the situation at hand.