Why Runners Should Wear a Medical ID

a Young woman running on the roadWhether you are running recreationally or competitively, an accident can happen at any moment. Unforeseen dangers such as wild animals, reckless drivers, and medical condition flare-ups could all turn a regular run into a severe emergency. Wearing a medical ID can ensure you have personal identification and all of your medical details available for emergency responders.

If you collapse on the trail, first responders will be able to know exactly how to care for you and whom to contact in your family. Once at the hospital, doctors can also have your necessary medical information on hand to ensure you receive the best possible treatment. A medical ID is also an excellent option for children participating in field days, summer camp, or other physical activities.

At Universal Medical Data, we sell a variety of personalized medical ID bracelets to help keep others informed of your condition. We offer sport ID bands made from a comfortable hypoallergenic silicone for optimal comfort during your run. You can fully customize our bracelets with your most important information, and even purchase our USB-capable bands to store all of your most essential records on a 2 GB flash drive.

With our personalized medical ID bracelets, you can hit the trail or racetrack with peace of mind knowing first responders will be able to care for your condition adequately. Shop all of our fantastic products today at Universal Medical Data.