Using our Custom Products for Personal IDs

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If you have seen a medical information bracelet before, you probably know that they usually display essential information about health conditions. That is not their only use, however. They also work as convenient places to put identifying information that may prove valuable during travel. With a custom-made bracelet, you can easily display essential things like:

  • Emergency Contact Numbers
  • Passport & Driver’s License Numbers
  • Name and Place of Origin
  • Blood Type

These can be crucial details when you visit unfamiliar places, particularly on international trips. Wearing a bracelet with easy personal ID info on it ensures that emergency personnel can contact the right people and understand who you are in the event of your incapacitation or the presence of a language barrier. Also, it is safer than simply carrying your passport or another handled form of ID.

Because it fits around your wrist, a bracelet will not fall out of bags and pockets. It is also difficult to steal or misplace if you wear it regularly. That is where medical bracelets have another advantage: they are designed for long-term use. Durable, waterproof, and available in a wide variety of fashionable designs, they can help you feel confident and comfortable when you are away from home, whether you have specific medical conditions to worry about or not.

A custom medical information bracelet can also serve as a personal ID. Shop at Universal Medical Data today to create your own customized personal or medical ID.