What to Include on Your Medical Alert Bracelet for Addison’s Disease

adrenal insufficiency medical alert bracelet and wallet card

Wearing a medical ID stating you have Addison’s disease is a simple but important preventative measure that could one day save your life. While you could wear a simple accessory that only contains your diagnosis, it is best to provide as much information as possible. The more your medical personnel know, the better your treatment will be.

When ordering a custom medical alert bracelet or necklace, we recommend engraving the following details:

Your Name
Your Date of Birth

Your Medical Diagnosis (i.e., Addison’s Disease)
Emergency Medical Directives (i.e., Give Corticosteroids)
Any Medications You’re Taking That May Affect Life-Saving Treatments

Any Allergies

Talk to your doctor if you’re not sure what information to include. If there’s additional room on your custom medical alert bracelet or necklace, we recommend adding:

Your Doctor’s Name
Your Doctor’s Phone Number
Emergency Contact Information
Your Address
Your Phone Number

If there’s no room to fit everything, you could instead carry an information card in your wallet with all your crucial details and simply engrave a message like, “See Emergency Medical Card in Wallet.” It’s not ideal, but it’s far better than letting emergency responders fly blind while assisting you.