Why Patients with Addison’s Disease Need a Medical ID

adrenal insufficiency medical alert bracelet and wallet card

While Addison’s disease can be treated successfully, it can also be life-threatening in certain situations. For example, you may experience an adrenal crisis (also known as “shock”) if you’re subjected to stress, such as from an accident, injury, surgery, or serious infection. Low blood pressure, low glucose, low sodium, and high potassium levels in your blood might result, putting your life in jeopardy.

Wearing an engraved medical ID stating you have Addison’s disease could one day save your life. The emergency medical personnel will be better able to determine how to help you, even if you’re unable to communicate. An adrenal crisis can be treated on the scene with immediate injections of corticosteroids and dextrose, bringing rapid improvement. However, you may lose crucial time if the medical personnel are not aware of your Addison’s diagnosis.

More Information, Better Treatment

Emergency responders, nurses, and doctors are all skilled individuals trained to think calmly in moments of crisis. However, they are not all-knowing. By wearing an engraved medical ID, you improve your chances of quick, appropriate treatment. With additional context, the professionals who assist you will be able to administer the right medication more quickly and avoid inappropriate measures. While it’s not fun to contemplate being in an emergency, planning ahead and wearing a medical alert are simple steps you can take to protect your life.