Protect Yourself with a Gastric Bypass Engraved Medical ID

A gastric bypass is a life-changing operation. In addition to the desired effect of changing your eating habits, it also alters what procedures and medications you can undergo safely in the future. For example, you cannot be intubated via a blind NG tube, which is a field-standard procedure for EMTs; they may accidentally rupture your stomach pouch. Likewise, taking NSAIDs or high-amounts of sugar is risky. But with an engraved medical ID from Universal Medical Data, you can inform emergency personnel on how best to help you, even if you’re unable to communicate. Shop our selection of medical alert bracelets and dog tags to find the right option for your needs. Several different styles are available, ranging from highly noticeable to more stylish and subtle. Every style comes with an Emergency Medical Card and a protective sleeve. This card allows you to elaborate on your condition and medical history -- information that may well save your life in an emergency. Browse our online shop today to explore some of the best medical ID bracelets available.

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