At Universal Medical Data, we offer more than just engraved medical ID bracelets. Whether you need replacement components or are looking for a card to carry in your wallet, we have a variety of medical ID plates for you to choose from. Keeping an engraved medical ID on your person can be extremely beneficial and potentially lifesaving in emergencies. You can customize these IDs to contain any medical information that you want because we offer products that can accommodate up to 18 lines of engraving to note specific allergies, medical conditions, or other details someone else may need to know. Engraved medical ID bracelets are available in various plate sizes and styles. Plus, we offer dog tags, wallet cards, and pendants as other outstanding options. In addition to our medical ID plates, we also offer a variety of replacement bands for your current engraved medical ID products. If you are interested in ordering a medical ID bracelet, dog tag, wallet card, or other accessory item, browse through our selections at Universal Medical Data today.

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