Wear an Engraved Medical ID for Taking Coumadin

When you take Coumadin regularly, you should also wear a medical alert accessory stating your condition. Taking an anticoagulant blood thinner like Coumadin increases your risk of serious blood loss or internal bleeding during traumatic accidents. By wearing an engraved medical ID, you make it easier for emergency responders to diagnose and treat you appropriately on the scene, especially when you’re unable to communicate. In fact, wearing a medical alert could save your life one day. Shop the selection at Universal Medical Data, LLC, to find a style that suits you.

Designs for All Preferences

Bracelets, dog tags, key chains: medical ID products come in an array of different forms. Whether you prefer a subtle yet visible style or straightforward fashions, there’s something for you in our collection.  All of our products are designed to be easily recognized and read by medical personnel. Furthermore, every purchase includes a free Emergency Medical Card and protective sleeve for you to keep on your person. The Emergency Medical Card allows you to provide your emergency contact information and elaborate on your medical history. By wearing your medical alert accessory and carrying your Emergency Medical Card everywhere, you increase your chance of a swift recovery after an accident.

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