Pacemaker Medical Alert Bracelets

Medical ID Bracelets, Medical ID Tags, Medical ID Necklaces – Custom or Pre-engraved Pacemaker Medical Alert Bracelets!

The American College of Emergency Physicians advises people to “carry an emergency medical ID card or wear medical ID jewelry if they have a health condition, allergy, implanted device or if they are taking medications that might be life-threatening.” If you or a loved one has a Pacemaker, Shop Now for your Pacemaker Medical Alert Bracelets, Dog Tags or Necklaces.

What Is a Pacemaker?

A pacemaker is a small device that helps your heart beat more regularly. It does this with a small electric stimulation that helps control your heartbeat. Your doctor puts the pacemaker under the skin on your chest, just under your collarbone. It’s hooked up to your heart with tiny wires. You may need a pacemaker to keep your heart beating properly. This helps your body get the blood and oxygen it needs.

Some people just need a pacemaker for a short time (like after a heart attack) and may use a kind that’s outside the skin. The battery unit for this type can be worn on a belt.

At the time of an accident or other medical catastrophe, Emergency Medical Personnel may have to provide you with some form of emergency life-saving treatment.

Our Pacemaker medical alert bracelets, medical ID or necklaces are critically important and may save your life in an emergency situation. If you are ever hurt or injured – and not able to speak for yourself – our Pacemaker medical alert bracelets or medical ID may be the only way first responders or doctors know how to begin treating you. If you are taking blood thinners medical professionals need to know immediately.

We recommend that your engraving information include:

When room allows we recommend adding:

Universal Medical Data, LLC offers CUSTOM ENGRAVED Medical ID Bracelets, Medical ID Dog Tags and Pendants for you to personalize using the suggestions above.

If you or a loved one have a Pacemaker, you are not alone. The American Heart Association is one of the most trusted resources for information, education, referral and support. Click HERE or call 1-800-242-8721 for more information on this subject.