Our Customer’s Perceptions!

I am 72 years old. On July 9th of this year I went off my horse after a minor spook. Shame on me. When I hit the ground I knew it was bad because I heard and felt the crack in my right arm. I told my friend to call 911. I’ve never felt that much pain in my life. By the time rescue came I was in and out of consciousness due to shock. I had my card with me that was used at the hospital. The part of the story I want to tell is that on the ground I had the wherewithal to indicate the Medical ID bracelet on my right arm. I have a condition where I can’t be intubated without anesthesia. I didn’t need it but if I had, my bracelet would have saved my life. I saw the EMT read my bracelet and immediately went to his phone to look up my condition, esophageal achalasia. He didn’t know what it was. I had a displaced fracture of the right humerus that is still in the healing process after almost 4 months. I recognize the importance of having medical information at your fingertips and on your arm if needed. Thank you.

Linda G, Nebraska

I purchased a Medical Alert ID dog tag from you guys several years ago and I have to tell you that it may well have saved my life. Five weeks ago I was hit by a car and because I was wearing it, EMS were able to identify me and contact my health care proxy and guardian. Sadly, they lost it after writing down the info and cutting my clothes off in the ER, so I am writing today (from home finally and thankfully on the mend) to order a new one.

M. Wells, New York

I wanted you to know that when I was in the ER yesterday, my nurse said I was the best patient ever! Why? Because of my medical bracelet. She said it would be so helpful if more people would wear them. Especially with conditions like diabetes or heart problems. So thanks for making a bracelet that is easy and comfortable to wear. I am a medical professional myself and its also nice that it dries quickly since I constantly wash my hands. I bought the sport bracelet about a month ago. I love it!

Ruth D. Hampton, VA

WOW, the medical bracelet for my husband is so important for my husband’s health and safety, the quality was superb

It is so easy for him to wear it, it feels like silk..Usually, I do not leave messages to sellers, but this ID bracelet is very important  for him.. Shortly, will be having another order for you. He now needs a pacemaker to add to the list.

My husband doesn’t even feel he is wearing the bracelet as it is so lite, silky smooth, and very important.

We thank you, for your high quality bracelet at a very reasonable cost!

Jaclyn M. Suprise, AZ

I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude and appreciation for excellent customer service. I had a relatively minor issue with my bracelet clasps on 2 of my bracelets that kept me from future purchases and I said as much when writing to your company. The amazing part of this story is I sent that email on Thanksgiving Day and to my surprise, received a response–within hours!

Your company showed a genuine interest and assured me, this would be taken up within the company and as a show of good faith, offered to replace my bracelet and engraving plate for free. Never mind this was a holiday, your representative was highly motivated and took the time to make this right. You just couldn’t ask for better customer service and due to their “take charge” attitude and willingness to help, you now have a customer for life.

I’ve received many compliments on my medical ID bracelets over the years and no doubt, brought a few customers your way. You can count on my continued support as a satisfied customer knowing they kind of dedicated people you have on your staff.

I just can’t express how refreshing it is to deal with someone who’s as serious about customer service and the reputation of their company as I am. In our line of work, nothing short of the highest expectations are demanded. I would be remiss if I didn’t share my complete satisfaction with this resolution. A perfect 10 in my book, way to go!

By the way, Jeff mentioned my engraving plate looked pretty beat up–and they are. I’m still “hands on” within our company and doubt there’s a harder proving ground than construction sites. I was weary the silicone would hold up but they do, even when they hit a snag. They are tough beyond their looks!

So………..great product and great people!

Fred T. Los Angeles, CA 

I just got out of the hospital and your USB bracelet made my trip into the hospital easier. Falling off a ladder and giving myself a major concussion, EMT were called immediately.

I received a panicked call from my girlfriend’s 15 year old daughter that her mother was in intense pain. I went right over and when I got there I realized it was imperative to call 911. When the EMT’s arrived they started asking for medical history, Rx being taken and although I knew some of the answers I didn’t know all of them.

It would have been amazing to hand the EMT a medical history card and an electronic device that he could have downloaded into his laptop. At the ER we had to sketchily answer the same medical history questions that the EMT had asked again. I thought why don’t we all have this information handily available to us and our medical personnel. Of course, I suggested your products to her so this will never happen again!

Marianne F., Scottsdale, AZ

Your medical alert jewelry product selection is second to none and best addresses the need for which it is intended. The star of life symbol is right on and directs medical personnel to my medical conditions. My brother is an EMT in southern California

and told me how important it is for them to have this medical information readily available when their patients are non-responsive. As he said, “being able to provide immediate treatment without having to play detective can be the difference between good and excellent decision making.” Thank you for bringing these products to market and making a difference in the lives of others!

Harold T., Cedar Rapid, IA

Very prompt delivery. Well crafted and excellent materials used in manufacture. Attractive looking and feather light on my wrist, hardly know it’s there! Recommend this product without reservation. Easy and simple to adjust the wristband material with just a pair of scissors and a small screwdriver or table knife, basically just lifting up the clamp. So easy had it adjust in 60 seconds.

Linda M., Huntington Beach, CA

Excellent job by Universal Medical Data. Item arrived way ahead of estimate and custom engraving was beautiful!

Cathy F., Arlington, TX

This item was exactly what I expected. The information that was engraved was perfect. The bracelet looked well made and looked like it would be comfortable to wear.
Keren B., Belvidere, TN

Item was exactly as advertised. Engraving was sharp and clear and band fit well. Would recommend to anyone looking for a med alert bracelet.
James R. Van Alstyne, TX

This bracelet excels in the amount of information allowed on the info medallion, which is why we chose it – needed those extra lines. Looks nice, is as described, but be careful not to cut the band too short when adjusting. Seller sent email to request the specific imprint lines desired, clear and easy to respond, and they inscribed exactly what we wrote. Happy with end product.
Walter M., Grand Prairie, TX

Was as described Eching easy to set up and tags clear and correct.
Terrance F., Sandy Utah

Everything about this transaction went smoothly. I like the ability to change the size of the band so the bracelet is comfortable. I feel much more secure walking around in public knowing that I am USB-ed. Thank you folks!
Nicole G., Huntsville, AL

Contacted seller with a question and got a quick response, very good customer service. Shipped fast and arrived well before projected date. My wife loves her new medical ID bracelet!
Leo J., Hartland, VT

This is just what we were looking for SUPER fast delivery and customized engraving. My son is 6’7/350 and the bracelet looks excellent, it large and very comfortable. This bracelet gives me peace of mind. Thank you!
Kari G., Cottage Grove, WI

Outstanding customer service! I was running late for Christmas…when I called they went out of their way to accommodate me especially under the circumstances to take the initiate to acquire the most cost effective shipping methods…very kind, considerate, and detail oriented TRUE TO SERVING THEIR CUSTOMERS. The item arrived on time, and considering my timing at a most reasonable shipping cost.
Douglas S. Riverside, RI

This product was as represented by the seller. The card that comes with the dog tag is inadequate for me. For someone else I am certain it would be fine. I would like to have the chain a little bit longer; but as it is, it is adequate.
William B., Sequim, WA

I am very happy with the product and with the service provided by Universal Medical Data. Product was engraved and shipped out in a timely manner. Communication with seller by email and phone was easy, with prompt and courteous responses from their service agents. Overall, great product with excellent service from Universal Medical Data.
Tishi S., Yonkers, NY

Made a mistake while sending my engraving instructions. Had the some of the quickest and most courteous customer service of my life help me rectify the matter. Thank you so much!
Jennifer H., Nostasulga, AL

Item delivered as promised and actually shipped before promised. Quality aluminum clasp and neoprene band. Very comfortable and doesn’t “rattle” around. Thin so fits under long sleeves. Plenty of room on the badge for detailed info. Definitely recommend it.
Kenneth L., Cumming, GA

Item arrived quickly and seller emailed me to make sure I was 100% satisfied! Even included little tips and tricks on getting the most out of the product! I would definitely buy from again!
Jennifer M., Titusville, FL

No problems with my order. The medical alert bracelet I ordered for my son was very well made and all of the medical information was engraved accurately. Looks good and my son is very happy with it. Thanks for doing such a terrific job!
Christine C., Prescott Valley, AZ

Kurt M., Eastport, NY

Ordered it for my husband and he loved the dark print. Very visible!
Veronica T., Anaheim, CA

The medic alert bracelet came in three days! It was engraved exactly as I needed. I give them a rating of 10 stars!!!!
Sue F., Colorado Springs, CO

This is a great way to have all medical information on a usb card. You can also print out a wallet card in case an EMT doesn’t have immediate access to a computer. It’s adjustable, which is great with my tiny wrists.
Patty A., Readyville, TN

I’m a return customer. Excellent work and fast to arrive to me. I have 3 larger print lines at no extra cost. The last line reads, “LOOK IN WALLET FOR MORE”. Take your time sizing the item. It is easy to do, but don’t take too much off. DO NOT BE AFRAID TO WEAR ONE OF THESE. In my case it could save my life. They are not wimpy!! Be a man and get one!
Mark N. Madison, WI

Incredibly fast! Bracelet created within a couple of days, shipped immediately, received within the week. Amazing! Thanks.
Lindas M., Bonners Ferry, ID

I’m astounded! This item was shipped so quickly! It looks even nicer than it did online, and they did a beautiful and accurate job on the engraving. Not only would I highly recommend them to anyone, I’m also going to be ordering from them again. It’s so nice to find someone who can sell and engrave Medical IDs at a reasonable price. They stand behind their work too, which means so very much.
Donna S., Clarksboro, TN

I am absolutely THRILLED with this bracelet, the engraving, and the quality. The fast turn around and prompt delivery is amazing! I am a little confused at the clasp, working with that now, but small price to pay for everything else. One satisfied customer!
Kimberly O., Concordia, MO

One of the best customer Service ever. They called me right away as soon as finished placing my order. Very a good quality engraving.
Ricrdo M., Lake Ronkonkoma, NY

Love my Medical Alert ID bracelet. Showed it to my Heart Doctor and he was very impressed that I had gotten one that would show all my medical conditions. Great gift idea for someone who has medical issues.
Debra J., Sherman, TX

Super nice & fast delivery!
Jennifer B., Stanchfield, MN

This seller responded within a few short hours after I reported the USB on failed. He was very courteous and sent a new USB promptly. I’m sure the failure was a fluke; so far the new USB is working fine.
Gayle S., Jacksonville, FL

Awesome ID bracelet I highly recommend purchasing one of these or one of universal medicals many styles! The chip that contains your information is easy to install and their instructions are foolproof to follow! Highly recommend it if you’re bored of the same old same old from your neighborhood pharmacy!
Stacy L. Fairmont, MN

The product arrived earlier than the timeframe needed! It was very high quality and just beautiful! It offers the discreetness I desired, yet the 10 lines allow for you to be very thorough. I couldn’t ask for anything better.
Bernique D., Fairburn GA

I called the company the day after I placed the order as I had made an error on the engraving, they were very helpful to cancel the order and replace it. Most thoughtful.
Walter H., Lilburn, GA

The seller promptly made and shipped the bracelet. The post office promptly decided to let it sit in a sorting facility for days. I contacted the seller and they responded promptly that if it did not arrive by today, they would replace it. The post office, once a fire was lit under them, delivered it today.
Sharon L. Goodrich, TX

My son was diagnosed with t1d a year ago.It’s hard to find something for him to wear that shows that he is t1d that he likes. When he seen this he has not taking it off and he loves it. One of the things I do appreciate is that I accidentally ordered three of these and the buyer contacted me to make sure that is what I really wanted instead of just sending it.
Kim D., Lawton, OK

I have all my information on the band. In RL I have 25 pages of absolute “NEED TO KNOW” information on my health. This bracelet is easy to adjust. I had a hard few minutes figuring it out. Then IT DAWNED on me ..” read the directions” Must have , absolutely plus the DX notice in hard copy on your person at all times you are out.
Shawn L., Mount Vernon, WA

So happy with my order! I ordered 2 bracelets on Friday and they arrived today, on Monday! They are exactly what I needed. I love that I could have it engraved on the outside! I called the company on Friday to make sure both bracelets would be engraved the same. Customer service was friendly and helpful.
CJ L., Metairie, LA

These people know what customer service is. I highly recommend this company.
James G., Evansville, IN

As a relatively new transplant patient, I had been looking for an affordable Med ID. This fit the bill. And I was able to get more info engraved on the piece than any other seller!
Brian G. Boise, ID

I ordered this bracelet for my mother. The color and design make it look like a piece of fashionable wear. Mom didn’t hesitant to put it on.
Yujing Z., Highland Park, IL

The Bracelet is top notch and the company contacted me to let me know that they had received my order and that they were working on it. It arrived way before the date that was given for its arrival.
Wallace M., APO, AE

This is my second item purchased happy with both just went to necklace – light readable and actually I was able to add more information on the necklace than the bracelet. Love both products.
Margaret M., The Villages, FL

Product was exactly what I needed and my wife and I are very pleased. Helpful medical info on front and back so when she’s unable to speak for herself the bracelet & medical card will speak for her. Thanks
Robert S., Clinton, MD

I ordered two, both times great First time the fellow helped me on phone as I do not use computer a lot for ordering. Great service!
Barbara M., Burbank, CA

Had a hard time figuring out how to get my info onto the USB. I called and they guy I spoke with was very helpful. He wasn’t at a computer since they weren’t really open, so he took my number and called me right back. Told me if I needed any more help to call him on his cell phone. I now have everything on the USB that I need. Thank you, for the awesome customer service!
Julie F., Clovis, CA

Good quality, really fast shipping, great communications with outstanding shipper. I still don’t trust “ball” chains, but it seems like I’m just a fossil, everyone uses them these days.
Jared S., Tamarac, FL

BEAUTIFUL Bracelet just as described and pictured. Inscription perfect…Leather beautiful…Mailed very promptly…Hubbie likes it very much! Excellent transaction…Thank You Kindly!
Linda K., Puyallup, WA

An excellent price for a most needed and important item. All the information needed for my husband’s complex situation fits on this nice looking dog tag. He is very happy with it.
Eleanor K., Spencer, MA

A very nice ID. I like the website that allows you to create and print the matching ID card.
Gary L., Oregon, WI

Great experience with this seller! Item arrived in 2 – 3 days after order placed. This is just what I was looking for. Thank You.
Greg C., Evans, CO

Very fast shipping – exactly as described. Excellent vendor and product is very important for individuals with serious medical conditions.
Charles C., Baltimore, MD

I ordered this for my brother who had a stroke and has difficulty speaking. His therapist wanted to know where he got such a great product so that they could recommend it to their other patients. He wares it everywhere. He is driving now and I was afraid if he was ever pulled over for anything the bracelet can speak for him.
Vicki. W., Peru, IN

I love this dog tag and would highly recommend them to anyone. Excellent quality, not flimsy scrap. And they hold twice the amount of information as their competitor’s tags. The engraving is great and can be read with less than perfect eyesight. I will use this company again.
Timothy K., Pocono Summit, PA

Finally, a way to wear a med ID that is good looking. It’s extremely well made and easily sizable.
Chip C., Pasadena, CA

Even after reading the instructions, I still made a mistake and had to call the company. I talked to Kim, who was very pleasant and extremely helpful. I actually ordered one of these bracelets and 2 medical alert dog tags and all three were delivered within a week. I could not be more pleased!. If I ever need another medical alert item, this will be the company that I will use.
Gail. Y. Walnut Hill, FL

I had received only one item (I had ordered two). When I contacted Universal Medical Data, they went out of their way to track down the issue, correspond with me, and resolve it in a very timely fashion. I’d be delighted to use these folks again!
David E., Oakton, VA

After a recent surgery I was told to wear a medic alert tag which would require a monthly subscription charge. Instead of having emergency personnel call a number to find out what my issues are, I thought it would be much safer to have all of that info immediately through the use of these tags. Plenty of space is listed for medical info and even prescription drugs. Wonderful product!
Linda E., Churchville, PA

This is my second bracelet from Universal Medical Data–an additional one. I wanted something with a more narrow band and this one is great. It was more difficult to figure out how to open and shorten but the directions were VERY clear and it worked out well. I like it because I could have more lines engraved for medical info. There are others that I will order–just like to wear different colors!
Jodie E., Rosemount, MN

I ordered this ID band on the evening of Jan 23, got an email the next day (Saturday) that it had shipped and it was in my mailbox on Tuesday Jan 27. It is just as described, looks good and very readable. I would order from this company again, no complaints!
Lillian B., Wolf Creek, MT