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  • Neatly organize all your medical records in one central location!  Great for travel or when you see multiple medical professionals in multiple health care groups!
  • Automatically updates and creates your Emergency Medical Card as you prepare your Personal Health Records
  • Your Emergency Medical Card is an alert to your most critical, life-saving, medical information designed to be carried with you and quickly read in any emergency!
  • The Emergency Medical Card clearly states for medical professional how to access your Personal Health Records
  • Access to your Personal Health Records by medical personnel via your secure website portal and your unique Member ID Number




The Access PHR (Personal Health Record) is a comprehensive health portal that combines the features of our basic online Emergency Medical Card with the upgrade to offer organization and emergency access to all of your Personal Health Records.

In a medical emergency, first responders and doctors need to know as much as they can about you. When time is most critical, having all of your medical history, existing chronic medical conditions and current medications may save your life! The Access PHR provides this access with the health information you choose in an organized manner.

12 Folders of the PHR Your Personal Health Record can hold the details of your complete medical history. This information can be accessed by a medical responder from any internet capable device by entering your unique member ID number.

Click HERE to view a sample of the Personal Health Record accessed by a medical responder.

Once completed, whether meeting with doctors for the first time, or being admitted to a hospital; managing family members you are responsible for, or caretakers responsible for you, your Universal Medical Data’s personal health portal gives you the convenience of retrieving your current and past medical records instantly.

Many medical emergencies require immediate triage to stabilize you before you can be transported to a medical facility. Being able to access your most life-threatening medical conditions or life-saving medications you may need; is the reason we have integrated a formatted emergency medical ID wallet card with the information in your PHR that you can print out and carry with you.

When time is critical, whether you’re at home or traveling, access to your medical information can be the life-saving difference. Your Emergency Medical Card is easy for you to update and print.

Print copies for your wallet, home, office or car, directly from our secure online personal health portal. This Medical Alert Card also prints the same instructions on how, and where, to access the full details of your Personal Health Record.

Emergency Medical Card

Click HERE to view a sample of the integrated Emergency Medical Card to be cut, folded and carried with you.

DO YOUR PART TO REDUCE MEDICAL ERRORS! – A 2016 Johns Hopkins study shows that medical errors and miscommunication, if accurately accounted for, would become the third largest cause of death in the United States!

Whether you’re at home or traveling, imagine your emergency, or that of a loved one, when time or accurate information is critical! Access to your medical information can make the life-saving difference to the healthcare treatment you require.

Quick thinking and the personal organization of my medical records helped me avoid what could have easily become another statistic for disastrous medical errors!

I reside in a community which is served by several major healthcare systems. Until recently, all my medical needs have been addressed by a single provider without the need to seek medical care outside of this network. In 2019 I was referred to a neighboring hospital, outside of my healthcare system, that specializes in a specific type of biopsy which was ordered by my physician.Like you, I would assume that they were fully briefed on my medical situation and had access to my medical records to review prior to my appointment. When I showed up for my surgical procedure, I was asked to put on a patient gown and to prepare for the surgery. The surgeon, and a team of other staff members, entered the room to explain the procedure. They were all fully gowned, sterile drapes were in place for the surgery, all ready to go when they asked if I had any questions.

It was not until now that I had the opportunity to question if they had reviewed my medical records and to hear if they had any concerns about my currently taking anticoagulant blood thinners. To my surprise, this was the first they were made aware this and quickly cancelled the surgery only to be rescheduled for a later time. I asked if they had reviewed my medical records prior to my appointment or if they had personally discussed this with my physician. I was told this had not been done as they do not have electronic access to this information. Literally, it is less than 5 miles between hospitals, but the lack of communication could have seriously jeopardized my outcome!

Thankfully, I had taken charge of my personal health records and I knew the concerns and questions to ask!


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