Summer Safety Tips to Keep Your Family Healthy

Summer is here, and we’re all ready to have fun in the sun after the long stressful winter months. The pandemic is finally winding down, and people are excited to head outside and enjoy the fresh air with friends and family. Follow these summer safety tips to stay out of the doctor’s office or ER during the warmer months and have the best summertime experience possible with your family. 

Summer Safety Includes Lathering on the Sunscreen

Whether you’re hiking, walking, or biking in the hot summer sun, you need protection from its dangerous UV rays. Always apply an SPF 30 or higher sunscreen before leaving your house or hotel room and carry the bottle with you to reapply. Choose a water-resistant sunscreen with broad-spectrum protection from UVA and UVB rays. Additionally, consider a UV-resistant long-sleeve swim shirt for young children to block even more of the sun. 

Don’t Skip Insect Repellant 

Insects are annoying, and mosquitoes can leave you covered in stings. While we know you don’t want to itch for the next week, insect repellent is also about protecting yourself in the summertime from the dangerous diseases mosquitoes, and ticks carry. 

Summertime Fun without Poison Ivy or Oak

Watch out for poison plants like ivy and oak. Learn to identify what each leaf looks like and steer clear while walking in the woods. Also, try to stay on paths when hiking or strolling through a forest to prevent accidental encounters with the plant that can make you itchy and miserable for several days. Just in case you do run into poison ivy or oak, travel with an anti-itch cream that may prevent or reduce itching. The rash can spread quickly if you don’t wash your hands and continue to itch the area. A rash on or near the face or genitals may require medical care. 

Wear a Bike Helmet

Whether you’re 5 or 75, riding a bicycle or motorcycle, head protection can save your life. One of the top summer safety tips you’ll hear is about the importance of wearing a helmet. In most U.S. states, a helmet is required while riding a motorcycle or motorbike. Additionally, many states have laws requiring helmets for children under 14 while riding a bike. Also, some cities and townships won’t let children or adults ride a bicycle without a helmet. 

Make sure to purchase a helmet that meets all the safety requirements. For help with your jurisdiction’s laws, contact your local police department. 

Don’t Forget Your Personal Health Record

Responder PHR with a medical alert bracelet and keychain is the perfect item for summer safety. Whether you have a child heading off to camp or are planning a summertime barbeque with your entire family to celebrate the end of lockdowns, having the medical information necessary for first responders can prevent an accident from turning into a tragedy. Protect your loved ones today with a Universal Medical Data PHR or a simple alert bracelet with allergies and medications.