The Ultimate Packing Guide for Your Summer Vacation

Summer is finally here, and COVID restrictions end, leaving the road and sky ready for travel. You’ve been waiting a while for this summer vacation, so let’s make sure you do it right. Here are packing tips for travel during these beautiful months of the year. 

Don’t Skip These Sleep Essentials

People love to travel, but many have difficulty falling asleep in new places. There are a few comforts you can bring from home to help you sleep better while away. An eye mask can help keep unwanted light from waking you up and may help you sleep. Also, pack your favorite pajamas to make you feel more comfortable in foreign hotel rooms. Essential oils, such as lavender, offer calming properties that may improve your sleep. 

Packing Tips for Travel with Medications

If you’re flying or driving, keep your medications in your carry-on bag. Additionally, if you have several prescriptions, consider using a pill organizer to avoid taking your full medicine containers with you. It can take up excess travel space, and if you’re less likely to misplace a single bottle when juggling several medications when you use a pill organizer. The TSA doesn’t require prescriptions to stay in original containers, so it’s a perfectly legal option that can make your life on summer vacation much more manageable. 

Basic Sun Care for Your Summer Vacation 

Even if you’re traveling to Alaska, you need to take care of your skin and protect it from the sun’s damaging rays. To prevent sunburn, add an SPF 30 or higher sunscreen to your luggage. Also, nothing’s perfect. Buy a travel-size container of aloe to soothe your sunburn and sleep a little easier on sore skin. Depending on how sunny the area you’re traveling to is, you may want to add a sun hat to your travel bag. There’s nothing fun about sunburn on top of your head. 

Add Comfortable Shoes to Your Luggage 

Unless you don’t plan on leaving a beach, you want a comfortable pair of shoes or sneakers for walking, riding public transportation, driving, and flying. It may seem silly, but people often cover a lot of ground on summer vacations. What you put on your feet matters. You can still pack your favorite heels and flip flops or slides. Just make sure to have a second option to keep your feet happy while you travel. 

Bring Your Medical ID Bracelet or Dog Tags

Now’s the best time to order a medical ID if you have a health condition, allergies, or take medications first responders need to know during an emergency. While we wish you the best for your trip. However, accidents can happen when you’re far from home. Reduce complications if a medical emergency occurs with a Medical ID bracelet or dog tags. Not only are they beneficial when you’re out of town, but one can save your life right at home.  Use these packing tips for travel and enjoy your summer vacation! Learn more healthy habits to improve your wellness at the Universal Medical Data LLC Blog.