Belle Personal Emergency Medical Alert Pendant

women holding medical alert pendant

Medical Alert Devices: Age in Place Safely

You’ve spent your entire life working to enjoy retirement in your own home. It contains countless memories of your children growing, the time spent with your spouse, and enjoying holidays and other parties with friends and loved ones. Illness or aging shouldn’t force you to leave. Age in place safely with Belle Personal Emergency Response Medical Alert Pendant.

Ease Loved One’s Anxiety with 24/7 Monitoring

It’s a common concern for adult children as their parents age. They worry about mom and dad alone in their home. Emergencies can occur, such as slips and falls, that can turn deadly if no one’s around to respond to their cries for help. These thoughts can increase anxiety and even strain relationships between parents and their children and siblings.

If you’re prone to fall or have already had an accident, your loved ones may want to move you to an assisted living facility. These are valid concerns, but they don’t consider your desire to stay in your home. Personal emergency response devices can ease their concerns and keep you home and out of the assisted living center.

The Belle Personal Emergency Response Medical Alert Pendant allows you to push a button and speak directly to a person. Help is available 24/7/365 to assist and send emergency personal to your location.

Skip Showering Concerns

A significant worry that loved ones have involves slips and falls in the shower. No matter how many safety guards are set up, there’s always a chance of an accident. Medical alert devices are water-resistant and can be worn while showering.

You don’t have to worry about the battery with the shower or much at all. The charge lasts up to 30 days for most users. You can also set up email reminders, and battery life alerts for yourself or other caregivers. This popular feature enables you to ensure the device is always charged and ready to go.

Travel the Country with Your Medical Alert Device

You’re retired. Now’s the time to see everything you couldn’t when you were younger. Don’t stay at home because of a chronic illness. The Belle medical alert device works anywhere in the U.S. with available 4G LTE cellular coverage, which is available in most places around the country.

No Long-Term Contracts

Many consumers are concerned about lengthy contracts requiring users to sign up for a year or more service. The Belle Personal Emergency pendant doesn’t hit you with long-term plans, excess fees, or yearly price increases. Safety and security shouldn’t come with a rising price tag that puts it out of reach for people on a fixed income.

Choose the Belle Personal Emergency Response Medical Alert Pendant to age in place and stay active. Whether you’re gardening in the backyard or traveling across the country to visit friends, reassure your loved ones with the 24/7 emergency response system. Remember, accidents do happen. But with medical alert devices, help is only minutes away.