The Importance of a Personal Health Record

Have you ever considered what you would do if you, or a loved one, were in an emergency medical situation and were unable to speak?  Having the medical information, you would want to convey, will ensure you get the best care possible!  A PHR (Personal Health Record) can do just that.

Emergency Medical Responders have been trained to check for vital medical information.  As a sort of “medical detective” they check wrists, necks, ankles and even wallets for signs of medical alert jewelry, a personal health record, or some other form of a medical alert indicator that can help them deliver the best care possible. 

Having a Responder* PHR Personal Health Record ensures:

  • Up to date critical care information such as your medications, allergies, and medical conditions which advises medical responders how to best care for you while reducing the guess work.
  • A significantly lowered risk of medical error, as qualified personnel will be able to view any pre-existing conditions, medications or allergies that should be considered. 
  • Your medical information is under your control and can be shared with other people such as family members, providers, and caregivers.
  • Having access to an array of health information that is credible, gives patients a greater leverage to manage their medical condition and improve their health.
  • Access to your medical records in one place at any time.

What makes a Personal Health Record (PHR) unique when compared to an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) is that an EMR is controlled by your healthcare provider; a personal health record is controlled by you.  Your PHR is an electronic application through which you can access, manage, and share your health information in a private, secure, and confidential environment. Universal Medical Data provides the most comprehensive products and services of Personal Health Records, medical alert bracelets, dog tags, keychains, and accessories.  Contact Universal Medical Data for additional information on the importance of personal health records or shop online to learn more about their Responder PHR.